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An inner calling which is now a big changer!

About Learning Foundation:

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The Learning Foundation – Padhenge, Likhenge was an idea which came in mind of the founder of this NGO, Mrs. Celine David, 14 years ago. During that time, she had an inner calling regarding the growth and development of various children who are needy. To save their childhood, she started a centre of remedial classes as well as child welfare. By God’s grace and the support of her fellow companions, that inner calling and the waves of life’s lessons gave shape to “The Learning Foundation – Padhenge Likhenge”.

This foundation is a platform for children with lesser means whose parents are marginalised workforce, living in the periphery of Gurugram. Providing quality education, study materials and proper importance to the children education is the main priority of this foundation. Education is the most vital part of a child’s life. The poverty and other unwanted barriers should not become the hurdle in child’s educational and mental health. Keeping this mission in mind, The Learning Foundation – Padhenge Likhenge members serve nationwide and give hands in the growth of the unprivileged and poor children.

Education is most powerful catalyst for a proper social transformation. It cannot be denied. So many children in this society are unable to gain this privilege to build their social life. Most of the kids are the students of government schools and other mushrooming private schools. But there are some children who never get a chance to take admission in schools. This foundation gives hand to build a new present for a successful future for those children. As learning is imperative, it should not be missed in anyone’s life. Then why should the small kids stay away from this beautiful gift?

Realizing this, The Learning Foundation – Padhenge Likhenge, an NGO in Gurugram, beginning in the corridors of education, adopted a lifecycle approach of regular attendance and discipline along with covering kid’s school uniform, their basic language skills, maths & environment. Apart from this educational skills, this foundation focus on the need-based skills of children such as personality development, career counselling, health care, cultural events along with sponsoring fees, notebooks and study materials. However there are miles to go and more minds to capture for a better tomorrow.

Our Trustee

Our honorable Trustees hold The Learning Foundation interest above everything else, sharing a firm belief that education is the life changing factor for every individual, especially when it comes to the underprivileged children.

Mr. Himanshu Wadhwa

Trustee at The Learning Foundation

He is an icon, an inspiring business leader and a distinguished corporate citizen that always stands for underprivileged children. He is the Managing Director of Smile Tours & Travel Private Limited, located at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. The company arranges several activities, celebrates festivals and provides all necessary help to create a sustainable world for the underprivileged children. Supporting 'The Learning Foundation' is an important part of their CSR programme.

He personally sponsors 3 kids' for their education and other misc expenses. We sincerely appreciate Mr. Wadhwa for all the relentless efforts made to encourage kids in fulfilling their dreams leading to a progressive life.

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Mrs. Kanika Wadhwa

Trustee at The Learning Foundation

A housewife and mother of two sweet angels, Mrs. Kanika Wadhwa is the wife of our honorable trustee Mr. Himanshu Wadhwa. She is a very kind hearted person. She often visits the center, especially on the weekends to spend some time with the children. She interacts with the children and teachers as well, observes kid’s progress for the quest of their learning and growth.

She not only developed the courage to fight for change but also the compassion to understand the challenges faced by the underprivileged children she works for. At The Learning Foundation, we are thankful to our respectable trustee, Mrs. Kanika Wadhwa for giving her precious time for the welfare underprivileged children.

Our Success Story:

The Learning Foundation is on a mission to empower underprivileged children through relevant education and proper healthcare which can change their whole life. The children should not stay away from the most beautiful gift of the society, i.e, Education and Culture. Here we focus the educational and social growth of the needy children via different programs and social activities.

If you have a positive intense in your mind, you can win the whole world. This is the main mantra of success. The Learning Foundation always tries to help children in their education and other basic needs which booms their life. From five children to 130 and counting, our students from nursery to class 12 are intelligent, creative and full of life. They do find learning is a fun. This foundation always tries to help those children who have strong goal or ambition in life. We are trying to build a close relationship and have responsive conversations to bridge the gap which will help to open new vistas to the success of those needy children.

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The Learning Foundation- Padhenge Likhenge is an NGO in Gurugram that supports underprivileged children by providing them with basic educational facilities, enhancing their skills, and most importantly enabling them to live a better life. It’s a small initiation towards a big change!

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